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I walked through a desert, sand on all sides,
No water, stricken, barren, destroyed.
But as I stumbled, choking on dust,
I saw two large doors.
They protruded from the sand, fifty feet tall,
With a lock and inscription, calling to all:
I was what you are; you will be what I am.
Slowly, they opened.
The world shook, the monsters let out a roar.
Behind them lay nothingness, yet fulfillment.
I strode through, and awoke in a different place.

There were people all around, just like me,
But they were Faceless.
The Faceless let loose a sad, mournful wail,
The eyes are the windows into the soul,
Their windows were boarded, shuttered, closed.
The Faceless let loose a sad, mournful wail,
Lips form strings of syllables, creating sensory delight.
Their strings were cut to shreds.
The Faceless let loose a sad, mournful wail.
Hair, as individual as every man's own personality,
Their personalities were identical.
The Faceless let loose a sad, mournful wail.
I walked through the streets.
Instead of being dilapidated and destroyed,
They were beautifully kept.
Pollution was nonexistent.
The houses, no two were the same:
I saw brilliant colors,
From sunny yellows to hideous browns.
They were all different shapes.
But beauty is only skin deep.
I walked into a house, and began to watch.

Every night, the Faceless would enter.
Every morning, the Faceless would leave.
Every night, the Faceless would enter,
Every morning, the Faceless would leave.
Every night, the Faceless would enter,
Every morning, the Faceless would leave.
I stayed there for three days.
I could not tell which was which.

They were all identical.
Is this, perhaps, a society denied free will?
Could this have been an experiment by God?
Is he angry with these people?
Or are they simply our future?
A lack of identity began to overtake me.

I rushed to find a mirror.
There were none.
Much like animals in a cave need no pigment,
The Faceless need no mirrors.
I saw a reflective material as I searched.
I glanced at my face.
I was shocked.

My eyes were growing clouded,
My lips becoming pale.
My ears were flattening against my skull,
My hair turning white and dying.

This is the land of the Faceless.
The Faceless is who we all are.
For, deep down, we know.
We are the same person as the man next to us.

We think in a collaborative sense.
We are united.
We are strong.
We cannot see,
But what is sight but a trick?
The application of beauty to define personality.
Aesthetic value means nothing to us.
We are the Faceless.
Smell means nothing to us.
Odors, acrid or sweet,
Predispose us and settle our judgments.
We need not sense aromas.
We are the Faceless.
Hearing is but a legend.
What is hearing but a lie?
When focused, the mind hears all truths.
Ears are redundant and unneeded.
We are the Faceless.

We sense ourselves coming towards us.
We cannot hide our thoughts from each other.
We are not entirely Faceless, yet.
We hope.
We flee from the city of the Faceless.
It has no name.
We do not need names.
They carry such pride.
What a waste, we have no need of pride.
We are the Faceless.

But we aren't all Faceless!
We can still escape.
Or so we believe.
We attempt to stop ourselves several times.
We fail on each occasion.
For as long as we fight us,
We will win.
We are the Faceless.

We cannot find the doors.
We are afraid.
The Faceless are pressing down on us,
Calling, wailing, screaming,
In a thousand different tones.
Somehow, all are identical.

We need not run.
We need not fear.
We are home.
We are the Faceless.

One night I got bored. So I wrote.

Then end.
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